General responsibilities of a Special Session Chair

  • Introduce the session, and then each author/paper-title before their presentation.

  • Take chat questions from the Q&A panel during the presentations.

  • Read the questions to the presenting author during the Q&A period. If the presenting author is not present during the session, mention that questions will be forwarded via email to the respective authors and answered afterwards.

  • Please make sure that no delays exist, compared to the allocated total time slots for each presentation.

  • Make sure the time is strictly adhered to and does not extend past the planned allocated time of each Workshop or Special Session (conference administrators will automatically close the Special Session if time is exceeded).

Detailed Zoom Guidelines for Special Session Chairs

Before the Session

  • Please install Zoom in advance. Make sure that your internet connection is stable.

  • Before the conference, pre-recorded presentations and slides will be made available to all Special Session chairs.

How to join the Session

  • An invitation email will be sent to all Special Session chairs by the conference organizers. You will be provided with the required Zoom link before the conference.

  • Using the invitation, you can join a Zoom session by clicking on the link to join it.

  • A conference administrator will make you the host of the respective session. After that you will be responsible for executing the Special Session.

During the Session

  • Please join the session at the exact time mentioned in the IEEE ITSC 2020 Program.

  • We recommend that you turn on your video to engage the attendees during the session introduction. This can be done by selecting video connection when joining a Zoom meeting.

  • After introducing the session and the first presenter, you will have to turn off the video so that the attendees can focus on the presentation.

  • You can manage the attendee by clicking on the “View all attendees” link under the Participants panel.

Special Session Chair Responsibilities for Q&A during Session

  • During the presentation, please keep track of the questions on the Q&A panel on the side-panel on the right of the Zoom window.

  • After the video play back, unmute yourself and the corresponding author/presenter only (if he/she is present).

  • Please be mindful of the Q&A time limits. The IEEE ITSC 2020 should be followed as published in the IEEE ITSC 2020 website.

  • Please collect the unanswered questions to follow-up and forward them to the following email address:

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